How To Make Homemade Sex Toys For Women

The popularity of sex toys have grown over the years and many people are looking at how to make homemade female sex toys for a more interesting sex life.  If you’re looking to add spice to your love life these simple homemade female sex toys will certainly do the trick.

To Make Homemade Sex Toys for Women, you will need:

  • Condoms
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Electric Toothbrush of Vibrating Razor
  • Removable Shower Head with variation speeds and water flow
  • Produce (carrots, cucumbers, zucchini)
  1. Icy Conditions:  for this chilling and thrilling sex toy you will need to fill a condom with water, tie it off and freeze it. Make sure you do not let the condom sit on its side, its best to suspend it somewhere in your freezer so that it freezes evenly.
  2. Vibrations of glory:  This is an easy little trick of slipping a electric toothbrush or vibrating razor into a condom and using much like you would a vibrator. I bet those companies never gave thought to what else their products could be used for.
  3. Splashing water fun:  A removable shower head with various speeds and different types of water flow is a women’s best friend. Depending on how frisky you want to be, you can choose a water jet surprise or a rain effect.
  4. Garden salad anyone? Before attempting this make sure you wash all produce very well as some have wax on them, pesticides and even dirt. You should safely wrap any produce you will be using in a condom to ensure cleanliness.  Once your produce is securely cleaned or wrapped you can feel free to use it. For added pleasure use a electric toothbrush or vibrating razor for clitoral action.

Always make sure you pay attention to allergies prior to use latex condoms or certain types of produce, if you are allergic to it you certainly don’t want to try using it as a homemade sex toy for women.  Properly clean anything you use before and after you are finished, but most importantly, enjoy your new found toys!





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