How To Make A Homemade Tattoo Gun

Need to know how to make a homemade tattoo gun? Tattooing has become very popular in the past 50 years, and so has making a homemade tattoo gun. Making a homemade tattoo gun is not just for prison inmates anymore. There are many creative people who would like to try tattooing, and many more people who enjoy building things.

To make a homemade tattoo gun, you will need:

  • A toothbrush (inexpensive ones work best)
  • A ballpoint pen (a metal tip works best)
  • A clean ink tube, one inch section (from the ballpoint pen)
  • A guitar string, four to five inch section (the second skinniest string)
  • A pencil eraser
  • Tape (electrical tape works well)
  • An electric motor (from a walkman, hand held fan or CD player)
  • An adaptor (phone chargers and plug-in adaptors for CD players work well)
  • Scissors
  • A lighter
  • A file
  1. Cut the bristles off the toothbrush. Using scissors or a sharp knife, cut off all the bristles of the toothbrush.
  2. Bend the toothbrush. Take notice of where the handle turns into the head. This is the skinniest part of the toothbrush. Using a lighter, heat up this section and bend the toothbrush into the shape of the number seven. Hold it in place until the plastic is hard again. This is now the frame for the homemade tattoo gun.
  3. Prepare the pen. Disassemble the pen and take everything out. Carefully file the tip of the pen so that the ball-point comes out. There should be a small hole, just the right size to put a needle through.
  4. Prepare the clean ink tube. Using scissors, cut approximately 3/4 to 1 inch off the top of the ink tube that was removed from the pen. Make sure the tube stays clean or you will have a messy needle/guitar string.
  5. Insert the needle into the pen. Place the clean ink tube onto the end of the ballpoint metal piece. It should resemble a regular pen, but only an inch long. Take this newly assembled piece and affix it to the tip of the pen shell. Make sure it is still hollow when attached. You should now have a frame and a weird looking “pen.”
  6. Start assembling the motor. Take the motor and put the pencil eraser as close to the center as you can, placing the point of the motor into the middle of the eraser.
  7. Finish assembling the motor. Tape the motor to the toothbrush frame. The motor should be up at the top of the “7” shape.
  8. Insert the guitar string/needle. Take the guitar string, the second skinniest of all the strings, and cut off a six to seven inch section. You can make it longer if you need to and then cut off the excess. Put the guitar string into the bottom of the pen with the metal ballpoint opening at the bottom. Going from the bottom up is much easier than placing it in from the top. Bend the top of the string to a 90 degree angle and push it into the eraser, off centered and close to the edge. This is crucial in the proper operation of the homemade tattoo gun.
  9. Add power. Take the adaptor and strip the ends of the wire. Connect the adaptor wires to the motor wires and secure with tape.
  10. Test the handmade tattoo gun. Plug it in and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you may have to switch the wires or try a different motor. If successful, please remember not to use simple pen ink. Professional ink is best, though some commercial inks are also pretty safe.
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