How To Make Homemade Tattoo Ink

You want to learn how to make homemade tattoo ink? You can do it a few different ways. One way involves batteries, a blade, shampoo, and some other ingredients. But if you want that extensive recipe you will have to look somewhere else. This will tell you about a basic henna recipe for a homemade tattoo.

Here is what you'll need for another form of homemade tattoos:

  • Henna body art powder
  • lemon (or other acidic ingredient)
  • 1-3 mixing bowls (do not use metal)
  • a wooden or plastic mixing spoon
  • gloves (to protect your hands from getting stained)
  • water
  1. Henna mix Mix the henna powder and lemon into a bowl. How you mix the powder depends on how red, brown, or black toned you want your homemade tattoo. You'll have to play with the amounts of indigo, amla and henna you use to create the right colors for your homemade tattoo.
  2. Mixing the ingredients Strain the lemon into the bowl. Put a little water in to the bowl. What you want is a mix that is a bit thinner than mashed potato thickness. It's up to you if you want to make red, red brown, black, brown, and so on for your homemade tattoo. But have three bowls just in case you want more than the one henna color for your homemade tattoo. Let the mixture or mixtures sit for hours or overnight so the dye releases.
  3. Henna stencil Henna stencils come with a transparent sticker you apply to your skin. To apply the color use a toothpick for corners or smaller spaces on your homemade tattoo. To apply your homemade tattoo ink to the rest of the stencil try taking a ziplock bag, filling it with one of the henna mixtures and folding the bag. Cut a small corner of the bag.
  4. Wrapping your tattoo Your henna tattoo needs to have time to stain your skin for a great homemade tattoo. Carefully wrap your skin in tissue. Then wrap it with Saran wrap. It's ok it you sweat a bit. Tape the end of the remaining piece. In the morning you should have an awesome homemade tattoo when you take of the wrap and the sticky stencil. Enjoy!
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