How To Make A Homemade Television Antenna

Before spending money on a store-bought model, learn how to make a homemade television antenna from items you already have at home. A homemade antenna is a fun do-it-yourself project that is simple to complete. And it can work quite well for receiving your local television channels if you do not have a cable television subscription.

To make a television antenna at home, gather the following supplies:

  • Speaker wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Large sewing needle
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Strip the speaker wire. Start with a speaker wire that is at least three feet long. Using wire cutters, strip one-half inch of casing from each end of the wire.
  2. Attach the speaker wire to a needle. Wrap one end of the speaker wire around the middle of a large sewing needle. Use electrical tape to secure the speaker wire tightly to the needle.
  3. Attach the speaker wire to a hanger. Wrap the other end of the speaker wire around a wire coat hanger. Use electrical tape to secure the speaker wire tightly to the hanger. Bend the hanger in half to form a "V" shape.
  4. Insert the needle into the television UHF port. Insert the sewing needle into the UHF port on the back of your television. Use a needle that is large enough for a tight fit.
  5. Create a foil reflector. Wrap aluminum foil around a piece of cardboard that is cut slightly larger than the antenna. Use electrical tape to secure the foil to the cardboard. Lean the foil-wrapped cardboard against a wall to serve as a reflector. This will strengthen the television reception.
  6. Adjust the antenna. Turn on the television and adjust your homemade antenna for a clear picture. Experiment with your antenna’s location and direction for the best television reception.



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