How To Make Homemade Whiskey

Learning how to make homemade whiskey can be a fun project for anyone who is legally old enough to drink it! For some, a party isn't a party without a shot or two of whiskey. Homemade whiskey can produce a great quality beverage. There are a few different types of whiskey. We are going to be making Rye Whiskey. Before prohibition, it was the most popular brown liquor in the country. Under no circumstances should this information be used for illegal purposes, though. Because of distilling laws, this how-to guide is only for the US.

In order to make whiskey, you will need:

  • Seven pounds of rye
  • Two pounds barley
  • One pound malt
  • Six gallons of water
  • Three grams yeast
  • One gram ammonium fluoride
  • Some extra hands for stirring
  • A fermenter
  • Thermometer
  • Pillow case
  1. Begin by heating the water. You want to heat the water until it reaches a temperature of 70 degrees. Once it reaches the desired temperature, mix in the malt and the rye.
  2. Stir as you heat. Slowly stir the mixture. Bring it to a temperature of 160 degrees. Be sure to raise the temperature slowly over the span of several mintures.
  3. Keep the temperature steady. Keep the mixture at the 160 degree temperature while stirring continuously for three hours. The mixture needs this time to convert from starch into sugar and dextrin for the fermentation process.
  4. Time to ferment. You are going to need to filter off the mixture. Place into the fermenter.
  5. Cool. Let the mixture cool a bit. The temperature needs to drop to about 70-80 degrees. Once it reaches this temperature, add the yeast. To prevent contamination, you will need to add the ammonium fluoride.
  6. Stir the liquid. Back to the stirring. This time, you are just going to stir the mixture for another minute. Cover and seal it.
  7. Wait for fermentation. The process should take about five to six days. Once the time has elapsed, you can use a pillowcase to filter it.
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