How To Make Homemade Wine

Learning how to make homemade wine is much simpler than people expect it to be. This is a popular hobby for those who enjoy making homemade dishes and alcoholic beverages. Most of the ingredients used to make homemade wine are found right in the kitchen of those who frequently make homemade dishes. The only ingredient that the average person may not have in their cupboards that they will need to use as they learn how to make homemade wine is yeast. Breadmakers yeast can be used for this process and can be found at most grocery stores. Please note that red wine is known to reduce the risk of heart disease. Homemade wine is even more beneficial because it does not have any of the chemicals in it that some modern winemakers use to speed up the fermentation process. Gather the ingredients listed below to learn how to make homemade wine.

  • One gallon of water
  • One gallon of grapes or berries
  • Eight cups of sugar
  • One  package of yeast
  1. Prepare the fruit. The first thing to do when learning how to make homemade wine is to prepare the fruit. To do this, mash the pulp out of the fruit. Do this using a pestle and mortar or whatever method is preferred, as long as the pulp can be saved. You do not want to simply mash the fruit on the countertop. Once the fruit is mashed, strain the fruit, getting out as much of the skins and seeds as is possible. Please note that you may wish to boil the fruit first in order to soften it. Do not boil it longer than one or two minutes.
  2. Prepare the water. Bring the gallon of water to a boil. Remove from heat and add the sugar. Mix well until sugar dissolves.
  3. Create the wine. In this step you will actually be creating the homemade wine. As you learn more about how to make homemade wine, you may want to adjust the amount of sugar you use as well as how long you let the wine ferment. The following part of the process of learning how to make homemade wine will not change though. Mix the pulp with the water, then add yeast and mix well. Pour the mixture into quart jars and seal.
  4. Maintain the homemade wine. Most homemade wines should ferment for about six months. During that time, there is some maintenance to be done if you wish for your homemade wine to be flavorful. During the first ten days, gently shake the jars of homemade wine once a day. After about ten days, strain the wine again. This will ensure that no pulp or skin is left in the wine itself as this can damage the wine. During the next few months, shake the wine about once a month and strain as needed. After six months, if the homemade wine is tasted and it is not flavorful, allow to sit for another six months and try it again.
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