How To Make Horror Movie Effects In Photoshop

Learn about how to make horror movie effects in Photoshop to create chilling and shocking realistic photos.  Photoshop can help you create the creepy results you're looking for.  Use this effect to create a blood trail on a woman's lips.

To make horror movie effects in Photoshop, you will need:

  • Photoshop software
  • photo of a woman's lips and chin
  1. Vampire lips after a snack.   Create an effect to mimic the bloody lips of a vampire after consuming a snack by using this horror movie effect in Photoshop.   First, load the photo of the woman's lips and chin into Photoshop.  Start with the lasso tool and select an area at the corner of the mouth for the blood smear, at the same time use the lasso to select the shape of a thin line of the blood trailing down the chin. 
  2. Feather the selection.  After selected, choose to feather the selection at 0.5 pixels in Photoshop.
  3. Image Adjustment. Choose Image Adjustments, then Variations to choose the color, saturation and lightness of the blood to create the horror movie effect.
  4. History brush. Use the History brush and drag it only over the edges of the blood to soften the effect.
  5. Gaussian Blur.  Repeat steps two and three over again, then use Gaussian Blur to blur the selected area 2.7 pixels.
  6. More blood.  If you wish for there to be more areas of blood, start with making a new selection with the lasso and begin the process of making the horror movie effect blood in Photoshop again.
  7. Light reflection and dark blood. After you have all of the blood areas that you desire, use the dodge tool to create highlighted areas to act as light reflections.  Then darken some areas of blood that have not been highlighted by using Hue/Saturation and the Sponge and Burn tools.
  8. Save.  After you have the light reflections, highlights and blood darkened to your satisfaction, save the photo that now has a good rendition of a horror movie effect in Photoshop.
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