How To Make Hunting Calls

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to make hunting calls. Hunting calls is not only a good way to improve your hunting technique, but also allows you to enjoy nature at it's finest. Your friends will be begging you to make them new hunting calls!

To make a hunting call, you will need:

  • Tapered file or hacksaw
  • 1" fine-threaded screw
  • Wood-carving tools
  • Old furniture wood
  • Wire or small rifle-bore brush
  • Glue, epoxy or other adhesive
  • 3/4" coiled spring
  • Sand paper or steel wool
  1. Build a box using wood from old furniture. Carefully cut the furniture into 1/4" and 1/8" pieces of wood using a band saw.
  2. When making the box, keep in mind that is order to achieve best results, the bottom of the box should be made from the 1/4" wood, and the sides from the 1/8" wood. It doesn't make a big difference what the dimensions of the side of the box are. Cut small channels into the bottom of the box.
  3. Create a "paddle" for the top of the box, using the 1/4" wood. Use a file to round the bottom of the paddle, and then carefully drill a small hole into the end of the paddle.
  4. Use a 1" fine threaded screw and a 3/4" coiled spring to attach the paddle to the box. Place the screw half an inch into the springthis will help to stabilize the tension when the paddle is rubbed over the box.
  5. Try out your hunting call. In order to achieve optimal results, you will need to gain practice on using the hunting callotherwise animals will be able to detect that it is a human trying to mimic them, and not another animal.


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