How To Make Hunting Spears

Ever wonder how to make a hunting spear? Do you have an interest in primitive skills and hunting weapons? Here's an article that can get you started in primitive technology by learning to build a spear. A hunting spear can be built in three simple steps.  

Materials and tools you will need:

  1. Bamboo about one inch diameter and sex feet long
  2. Artificial sinew
  3. One inch diameter hardwood dowel
  4. Spear point (available from many magazines that sell knives)
  5. Five minute epoxy
  6. Pocket knife
  1. Straighten the bamboo for the shaft of your hunting spear. Start a fire and thoroughly heat all the sections between the nodes. Once hot enough, carefully bend the sections between the nodes until they are straight. When you have all of the short sections between the nodes straight, you will need to thoroughly heat each node and bend the shaft at the nodes so that the entire hunting spear shaft is straight.
  2. Mount the spear point on your hunting spear. Cut a piece of the hardwood dowel about six inches long. Trim the larger diameter end of the hunting spear shaft off about two inches in front of the first node. With the pocket knife, scrape the piece of dowel down so that it fits snugly into the large end of the hunting spear shaft. It should butt up against the membrane at the node. Attach the dowel permanently into the shaft with five minute epoxy. Mount the spear point using the epoxy.
  3. Wrap the entire section below the first node and for at least an inch out onto the hardwood dowel (foreshaft) tightly with the artificial sinew. Once wrapped, cover the entire section thoroughly with epoxy. Allow the glue to set up before use.

Tips & Warnings:

  • This hunting spear is not a toy. It is a weapon and should be treated as such. Never throw it in the direction of another person or jokingly point and/or thrust it toward someone.
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