How To Make Hunting Traps

Want to learn how to make hunting traps effectively? Having the right types of bait, the right materials to create your trap and a good location for your hunting trap are all vital in trapping an animal. The easiest type of hunting trap to make is the baited box trap.

To make a hunting trap, you will need:

  • A box
  • A twelve-inch stick or rod
  • 25 feet of string
  • Bait
  1. Locate an area where your prey frequents. Look for areas where your prey would obtain food or water or where your prey nests.
  2. Using the string, tie one end to the stick or rod. It is best to use a thinner but sturdy string for your hunting trap that can easily be camouflaged with the natural surroundings.
  3. Using the stick or rod, prop the box up. The side of the stick that has the string should be near the ground. Make sure the box is propped up enough to allow your prey to enter the box, but not high enough that it would have time to run before the box drops down onto it.
  4. Place the bait. The bait needs to be placed towards the back of the box to ensure your prey will step completely into the hunting trap, enabling you to catch it.
  5. Unwind the string carefully to your hiding place. Cover the string on the ground with natural ground coverings, such as grass, twigs or dirt.
  6. Patience is vital in this step. Conceal yourself in a well-hidden spot as to not let your prey notice your location. You will need to sit patiently and wait until your prey comes to investigate the bait.
  7. Catching your prey. Once the prey steps fully into your trap, yank the string to pull the stick or rod from the box, allowing the box to shut completely down on your prey.
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