How to Make an Ice Luge

Need to know how to make an ice luge for your next house party? If you have ever been to college party, chances are you've seen an ice luge. For those who don't know, an ice luge is a large block of ice containing channels that spirits are poured down. Friends take turns sipping the spirits from the ice luge. You can purchase a pre-made ice luge or you can make your own! Making an ice luge is easy and inexpensive! If you are hosting a party or get-together among friends, show off your cool ice luge!

In order to make an ice luge, you will need:

  • Mold of your choice
  • Water
  • Freezer
  • Curling iron
  1. Select your mold. You can use a plastic tub or container. Select any size and shape you desire, as long as it fits in your freezer. For a more elaborate luge, you can purchase a silicone mold. These allow for easy removal and come in various designs.
  2. Fill the mold with water. You are going to add water to the container of choice. Don't add too much water. It is best to fill about a quarter of the container with water. Once it is filled with the water, place in the freezer at a slight right angle. You want the ice luge to have a slope.
  3. Allow the water to freeze. The time it takes your water to freeze depends on the size of the mold. You want the water to turn to ice. Make sure it is completely hard before removing. This could take several days, in some cases.
  4. Remove the ice from the freezer. Invert the mold and release the ice.
  5. Plug in and heat the curling iron. Once the curling iron is hot, drag it through the ice to make the channels. You can make curves or designs Make sure you don't get the cord wet.
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