How To Make An Ice Rink

There are many different routes you can take when learning how to make an Ice Rink. You can use a plywood and plastic base when learning how to make an Ice Rink. Using a plywood or plastic base will create a more professional Ice Rink, however, it will also be more costly. Using the frozen ground already available to you will provide a much cheaper option when learning how to make an Ice Rink. Relying on a costly public Ice Rink is not necessary when you and your family can enjoy a personal Ice Rink that is both fun and easy to make.

  1. Choose a location. Look for a flat location where you can make an Ice Rink. Using your back yard is a great choice. Ensure that your location is away from dangers or obstructions such as utility poles, trees and the road. Choose a location that is large enough to accommodate a skating rink.
  2. Clear the space. Use a snow blower or a shovel to clear the outline of your future Ice Rink. Clear either a rectangular or a circle space. Clear all of the snow and debris from the middle of your future Ice Rink.
  3. Create a flat surface. Inspect your space and check for any holes or depressions in the ground. Fill in any holes with dirt and compact them down.
  4. Prep the surface. Using a garden hose, spray a thin layer of water over the ground. Spray the entire rink and do not aim pressure directly at the rink. Allow several hours for this prep layer to freeze.
  5. Prepare the first layer. Remove any spray nozzles from your garden hose. Turn the water pressure to moderate. Start in the top corner of your Ice Rink and allow the water to spray onto the rink. Do not use any pressure that could move or shape the ground under the rink. Work from the top corner all the way down to the bottom corner, allow about one-fourth inch of water to puddle throughout the rink. Allow the first layer of ice to freeze over night.
  6. Prepare subsequent layers. Apply a second layer of ice in the exact same fashion you prepared the first layer in step five. After allowing the second layer to freeze overnight, walk on the second layer to test its strength. Apply a third layer if the second layer is too weak or if you can see the ground through the second layer.
  7. Apply a final coat. Place a misting or spray nozzle on your hose. Aim the hose upward and spray the water into the air, allow it to fall onto the Ice Rink evenly as if it were rain. Lightly mist the entire surface of the Ice Rink. Allow the final layer to freeze for two to three hours.
  8. Enjoy the Ice Rink. Test the Ice Rink by skating on it. Enjoy the Ice Rink that you now have in your yard. Add another coat of ice to the rink as you did in steps five and six if it becomes too thin or weak. Spray a fine mist over the top of the Ice Rink every night to fill in any cracks created from the daily ice skating, this will prolong the life of your Ice Rink.

Tip: Have patience when allowing your Ice Rink to freeze. Do not walk on the Rink without letting it freeze completely, this will damage the ice.

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