How To Make Inflatable Boat Oars

Do you need to know how to make inflatable boat oars, or for that matter, how to make oars for any type of boat? The basic process of moving the craft does not change simply because air provides the primary buoyancy for the craft.  Making oars for any type of boat starts with a trip to your local hardware store.

What you will need to make inflatable boat oars:

  • A closet pole shaft
  • Several pieces of plywood
  • Screws
  • Wood glue
  • Fiberglass epoxy
  • Fiberglass pieces to coat the outside of the oar
  1. Decide on the dimensions for the oars. Cut the shapes out of the plywood you bought from your local hardware store. Lay the cut-out shapes and put them together. Do not put the fiberglass coating over the oars yet.
  2. Create a hook in the oar. Skip this step if you are not creating oars for a sailboat. Rowboats, canoes, and kayaks do not need a hook in the paddle.
  3. Screw the Closet Rod Onto the Paddle. The screws hold the paddle and the oar in place. Apply the wood glue to give the inflatable boat oar you are making additional strength.  Make a handle for the top from additional plywood if you are making a paddle for a canoe or a kayak.
  4. Place epoxy on the oar. Place the fiberglass coating over the paddle. The fiberglass will provide the waterproofing to extend the life of the oar you are making for your inflatable boat. Waterproofing material can also extend the life of the paddle.

Now that you have made the oar for your inflatable boat and spent a lot of time you probably did not have on the project, you should go out and buy one as a backup.  If you want a matching oar for an inflatable boat, which you probably will for a rowboat, make another oar instead.

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