How To Make A Jacket

Learn how to make a jacket to get just the right look for you or someone else. Jackets are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn all year round. Some jackets are lightweight and casual. Other jackets are heavier, offering more warmth. Whatever kind of jacket you want to make, with some knowledge of sewing and a good pattern, it's possible to make a jacket that's just right.

To make a jacket, you will need:

  • fabric
  • jacket pattern
  • interfacing
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • buttons, snaps, and/or zipper, as needed
  1. Prewash the fabric, if needed. To reduce shrinkage and color fading, you may need to wash the fabric before making the jacket. Dry completely.
  2. Cut out the jacket pattern. Patterns come on large pieces of delicate brown paper. Each piece needed to make the jacket needs to be cut out. If more than one style of jacket is provided, not all pieces will be used for each jacket. Read the back of the pattern envelope and the instructions inside to see what pieces are needed to make the jacket you have chosen. Set aside the pattern pieces.
  3. Read the jacket pattern instructions. Take the time to read through all of the instructions and look at the accompanying pictures to get an idea of how the jacket should be constructed. To make a jacket, understanding all of the elements will enable you to move from one step to another in the proper sequence.
  4. Lay out the pattern pieces. Lay the fabric on a table and begin laying out the jacket pattern pieces. Refer to the diagram in the instructions on the best layout to ensure you have enough fabric to make the jacket. Pin the pattern to the fabric.
  5. Cut out the pattern pieces. Use sharp scissors and cut out the fabric. Keep the pattern pinned to the fabric until you are ready to sew that part of the jacket.
  6. Cut out the pattern pieces on interfacing. Interfacing is a stiff webbed material that is used in jacket collars, cuffs, and other parts to give the garment body. If the pattern calls for interfacing, use it.
  7. Sew the jacket. Begin with the first step in the pattern and begin pieces together all of the parts to make a jacket. When each step is completed, press the seams as directed before moving on to the next step. Ironing gives the final garment a good, professional finish.
  8. Continue sewing. Sew all of the jacket pieces until the jacket is completed.
  9. Add embellishments. If desired, add buttons, zippers, embroidery or any other embellishments that are necessary to the integrity of the jacket or that are wanted just for fun.


  • Try on the jacket as you make it to ensure a good fit.
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