How To Make A Jager Bomb Shooter

Guys who like novelty shots but have no bartending skills can still have a good time drinking at home or at parties if they learn how to make a Jager Bomb shooter. Sure the bartender makes a big performance out of serving them and it looks like a lot of trouble, but we’ll let ya’ in on something; it’s ridiculously simple to make a Jager bomb shooter. It’s a bartenders job to make a big production out of it to encourage you to tip them more.

Anyone can make a jager bomb shooter with no bartending training at all, and you only need a couple of things to do it;

  • Jager Miester
  • Red Bull
  • Rocks glass
  • Shot glass

Two types of glasses, one alcohol, one energy drink. That is all you will need to make Jager Bomb shooter, unless you plan on entertaining in which case you may need a few more cans of Red Bull and enough glasses to accommodate your guests. Now, if you have been drinking Jager bomb shooters in bars and paying attention to your bartender, you may already know this. But if not, here is how you do it;

  1. Position rocks glass – Place a short rocks glass in front of you and fill about halfway with Red Bull or your preferred brand of energy drink. Do not add ice. Pretty simple so far, huh?
  2. Prepare shots – Step two of making a Jager bomb shooter is about as simple as step one. For each energy drink you have prepared, pour one shot of Jagermiester into a shot glass and set it next to the energy drink.
  3. Brace yourself – Consuming jager bomb shooters actually goes along with the preparation process. At this point while you have two separate glasses in front of you, one with Red Bull and a shot of Jager, it is time to prepare to drink, which will occur immediately after step four.
  4. Drop the shot – Now at this very moment, right now, is when a shot and a chaser becomes a real Jager bomb shooter. Take your entire shot glass of Jager and place it, glass and all, into the energy drink. Do not pour it, or spill it into the energy drink. Place the whole shot inside as if the rocks glass is a carrying case.

Now drink! Slam it down! The proper way to shooter a Jager Bomb is to drink it down in its entirety leaving only two empty glasses behind. Now wasn’t that fun, and easy?

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