How To Make A Jamaican Cobbler Cocktail

A Jamaican Cobbler is an easy fruit flavored cocktail to make as long if you have all of your ingredients prepared beforehand. As long as you have an appreciation of Rum you will enjoy drinking a Jamaican Cobbler cocktail, especially in the summer.

What you will need to make a Jamaican Cobbler cocktail

  • 1.5 oz Dark Rum
  • 1 oz Medium Dry Sherry
  • 5 oz Crème de Peche
  • 4 pieces Ruby Red Grapefruit Segments With Skin, Separated
  • 1 Sugar Cube
  • Crushed Ice
  • Wine Glasses
  • Muddler
  • Cocktail Shaker With Strainer
  1. Place two pieces of the ruby red grapefruit segments into the cocktail shaker. Leaving the skin on allows the potent flavor and scent of the essential oils in the skin to be released into the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail.
  2. Mash the grapefruit segments in the cocktail shaker using the muddler tool. This will release the flavor and scent of the ruby red grapefruit.
  3. Pour the dark rum into the cocktail shaker. Dark rum imparts a strong and subtly sweet taste to the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail.
  4. Add the medium dry sherry to the cocktail shaker. The medium dry sherry gives the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail a crisp fee in your mouth while drinking.
  5. Pour the Crème de Peche, which is a peach flavored liqueur, into the cocktail shaker. This sweet liqueur adds another layer of fruit to the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail.
  6. Add in the sugar cube to the cocktail shaker. The sugar cube ties back to the sugar in the rum making the drink harmoniously balanced in flavor.
  7. Add the crushed ice to your wine glass. You want the ice to begin to slightly chill your glass to create a cool receptacle for the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail.
  8. Shake together all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker. Shaking the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail allows flavors to thoroughly integrate together, creating a cohesive flavor and texture throughout the cocktail.
  9. Strain the cocktail into the prepared wine glass. Top the Jamaican Cobbler cocktail with the remaining two pieces of ruby red grapefruit.
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