How To Make A Jean Harlow Cocktail

Learning how to make a Jean Harlow cocktail allows you the opportunity to offer up a twist on the classic American martini to your dinner or party guests. The Jean Harlow cocktail takes its name from the platinum blond beauty that graced the American big screen in the 1930s. In only ten years, Jean Harlow the actress starred in over thirty films with some of Hollywood’s biggest leading men, such as Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy. The talented young woman was expected to do great things in film until a medical condition cut her life short before her 30th birthday. The Jean Harlow cocktail is rumored to have been one of the actress’s favorite variations on the martini. As with many drink variations named after a Hollywood star, the Jean Harlow martini serves up a glamorous alternative to the usual mixed drink. 

To make a Jean Harlow cocktail, you will need:


  • One part white rum (2 oz.) 
  • One part sweet vermouth (2 oz.)
  • A lemon peel, for garnish
  1. Choose the white rum. White rum is a great option for summer mixes and punches, and there are many options ranging in price and quality. Choose a premium brand for drinks such as the Jean Harlow where the rum flavor will not be masked by fruity juices or colas.
  2. Choose the sweet vermouth. Several popular brands of sweet vermouth will work well with the white rum of the Jean Harlow.
  3. Mix the drink. Add a few large ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Add the rum and the vermouth. You may choose to shake the cocktail or stir it with a glass rod depending your preference.
  4. Prepare the drink for serving. Strain the liquid into a martini glass, garnish with a strip of twisted lemon peel and serve immediately while chilled.


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