How To Make Jello Shots Using Vodka

Need to know how to make Jell-O shots using vodka? Vodka Jell-O shots are fun and easy to make and are sure to be a hit at any party or special occasion. The process of putting all the ingredients together is quite simple. Let's take a look at how Jell-O shots are made using vodka.

To make Jell-O shots using vodka, you will need:

  • Jell-O mix
  • Vodka
  • Water
  1. Get started by buying a six-ounce box of your favorite Jell-O. Boil two cups of water and pour two cups of vodka into a measuring cup. Some people prefer to use a flavored vodka that corresponds with the Jell-O flavor, such as lime Jell-O and a lime-flavored vodka. Don't cook or pour alcohol into boiling water.
  2. Mix it up. Empty the Jell-O into the bowl. Pour the hot water over the Jell-O and stir until the mixture is dissolved. Wait for it to cool and then stir in the vodka of your choice. Make sure that the mixture is thoroughly distributed. Allow extra time for the Jell-O to set because of the alcohol in it.
  3. Set up your containers. There are many options that people choose when setting up their shots. Some people choose ice cube trays, shot glasses, paper cups or restaurant plastic cups with lids. One can also improvise and use trays that shape the Jell-O into fun and exciting new shapes. The creative possibilities are endless when making Jell-O shots.
  4. You're almost there! Refrigerate at least six hours and then serve chilled. As an added feature, it's common to top vodka shots with alcohol-soaked fruits, such as cherries, and delicacies such as whipped cream. Please drink responsibly. Bon appetit!
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