How To Make A Jerk String For Duck Hunting

Do you want to know how ot make a jerk string for duck hunting? You need to make a jerk string for duck hunting if you really want to be successful at it. All of the top experts claim that jerk strings are necessities. Jerk strings are pretty easy to make and can accommodate as many ducks as you would like. Some people claim three work well, while other people have seen great results with only one decoy. It is entirely up to you and creating a jerk string can work well with as many decoys as you would like. The process is very simple, but you will need to decide how you will be hiding the string.  Ducks can become fearful of the string, so it is necessary to hide it. You can use weights or run the line underneath the boat. You can also simply anchor the string underneath the water. It is all up to you and you might just use trial and error to determine what works best depending on the conditions. 

Steps in order to make a jerk string for duck hunting:


  1. Decide how many decoys you would like to use and where you will be placing them. It is best to repaint the decoys with more exaggerated features. There are several websites that can help you with ideas. The idea is that the decoys are easier for ducks to see from the sky. They seem to stand out better with slight modifications.
  2. Tie fishing line or decoy line to as many decoys as you would like to use. Attach an anchor to the end of the line or place line underneath the boat so ducks won’t be able to see the line.
  3. If you would like to get fancier, you can use a pvc pipe to attach the thread to and tie a weight to that. This helps to conceal the line and prevent suspicion from ducks.
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