How To Make Jewelry Out Of Watch Parts

Learn how to make jewelry out of watch parts for a truly unique look. Steampunk is the name for items made from watch parts and other metal hardware like faucets, gears, and keys to name a few. The metal items used in Steampunk jewelry like watch parts give each piece a truly unique design, especially good for a masculine look. The types of jewelry that can be made include rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and more.

To make jewelry out of watch parts, you will need:

  • assortment of watch parts
  • ring blank or cuff link blanks
  • epoxy glue


  1. Start with a ring blank in the right size. As an example, use a ring blank that fits your finger. Using an adjustable ring blank is fine. The ring needs to have a flat surface for gluing larger items to. This is true for cuff links, a bracelet, or a necklace; a blank surface for gluing items onto is key.
  2. Find the largest watch part you want to use. This ring will have layers of watch parts so start with the largest piece. Use a watch part with edges that are spoked for an interesting look, for instance. Glue the large piece to the ring blank using a good epoxy glue. Take care to apply the epoxy with a toothpick or other item so you do not get the epoxy on your hands or clothing. Read the epoxy instructions and follow them carefully.
  3. Find an assortment of other watch parts. The next step is to add layers of watch parts and components that provide a pleasing final effect.
  4. Let the jewelry dry. Be sure to let the epoxy dry completely before wearing the ring or cuff links or other jewelry.
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