How To Make A Jon Boat Cover

The avid sailor will need to know how to make a Jon boat cover. It is wise to provide protection to your Jon boat by making a cover for it. Intense sunlight and excessive rain can cause the boat to corrode and become unappealing. The most suitable fabric for making a Jon boat cover is canvas, as it is cost effective and can easily be processed at home.

To make a Jon boat cover, you will need:

  • Canvas (Waterproof)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk (white)
  • Scissors
  • One-fourth inch Plastic Rope
  • Machine (sewing)
  • Thick, Heavy-duty Sewing Needle
  • Strong thread for Canvas


  1. Measure the Jon boat properly before buying canvas. Keep in mind all the dimensions of the boat to get a perfect fit. The borders of canvas should be long enough to hang low, down the edges of the Jon boat.
  2. Now spread the canvas over the Jon boat in a way that there is no saggy parts left inside the boat. This step is important in getting a well fitting Jon boat cover.
  3. Draw markings with the help of chalk around the boat. Be sure to draw along the top rail. Take the canvas off the Jon boat and make permanent markings on the chalk calibrations. This should give you an outline of the Jon boat.
  4. Take a sharp pair of scissors and neatly cut along the markings. Make sure not to waste any fabric as it can later be used for making cover for the boat’s engine.
  5. Fix the heavy-duty sewing needle in the sewing machine. The bobbin spool should also be loaded with canvas thread. Remove articles around the sewing area so that there is enough room for manipulating the cover during sewing of the Jon boat cover.
  6. Start sewing around the edges, leaving a longer loop to act as cover. This should form a sort of loop pocket around the edges of the cover. When sewing is done, run the rope inside the loop pocket and pull it in to provide maximum capacity and ease of installation.
  7. When the sewing is complete and the rope is running through the loop pocket, make a knot on each end of the rope. This will avoid the rope edges from running back inside the pocket. Leave the rope ends hanging at one side of the Jon boat so that it can be pulled when desired to hold the Jon boat cover in place.

This Jon boat cover is very easy to make at home and does not require special sewing skills. You will make a simple yet well fitting cover for your Jon boat, sitting comfortably at home, at minimum cost.

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