How To Make A Kayak Paddle Bag

Learning how to make a kayak paddle bag is not too difficult. All that you need to begin are some basic materials, and then you can make a bag for easily transporting your paddles. The following are some simple directions on how to make a kayak paddle bag for carrying your paddles.


  • Canvas sheet, as long as the kayak paddle you will be carrying (or as long as half of the paddle if it is two-piece)
  • Nylon strap, about one foot long (to use as handle)
  • Scissors
  • Strong thread, and needle
  • Velcro, two hooks and two loops (small patches are fine)
  • Lighter
  1. First, buy everything that you will need. Any arts and crafts store should have these supplies, and canvas sheets may be found at home improvement stores.
  2. Next, cut out a piece from the canvas sheet. It should be about four inches longer than the length of the paddle (or four inches longer than the length of half of a paddle, if your paddle is two-piece), and wide enough to wrap around the paddle, including the blades, with about two inches to spare on each side.
  3. Fold this piece of canvas over, and sew up one end and the open side, so that one side is folded, the other is stitched closed and one of the two ends is stitched close. Sew carefully, and knot often, as you will need to rely on your sewing to keep the bag intact.
  4. Sew two small Velcro hook patches to one side at the open end of the canvas bag. Directly opposite these, on the other side of the canvas back, sew in two loop Velcro patches. To close the bag, simply press the Velcro patches together. This will close just in front of the paddle's blade to keep it from falling out. If you wish, add extra Velcro patches to make the bag more secure.
  5. Now, all you need is the handle. Cut a one foot section of a nylon strap (and if necessary, secure the ends by applying the flame from a lighter to the sides of the nylon, which may otherwise fray). Sew this strap onto the bag on two sides, and leave its middle bunched up and open (so that the foot-long strap only covers about eight inches of bag, so that it loops up to make a handle in the middle). Your homemade bag is now finished.

Learning how to make a kayak paddle bag is not too hard. With the right supplies, you should be able to make a bag that allows you to easily carry and transport your paddles.

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