How To Make A Kayak Storage Rack

Learning how to make a kayak storage rack is not to difficult. Essentially, any large rack that has long supports (pegs) that may hold kayaks, and stands on its own, or may be mounted will suffice. Following is how to make a kayak storage rack.

How to Make a Kayak Storage Rack: Materials

  • Long two by four boards
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Threaded rod (metal rod)
  • Saw, such table saw or electric hand saw
  • Drill
  • Metal saw
  • Epoxy
  1. First, buy all of the materials that you will need. They may be found at any home improvement or construction supply company.
  2. Next, decide on the size of your rack. To determine this, measure the widths of each kayak you plan to store, and add them up. Add about one foot to this length, and that is how tall the rack will need to be. Cut two two by fours to that length.
  3. Build a box shaped frame, connecting the two two by four cuts that will represent the height of the rack. Cut two others that are about five feet long, and connect the tops and bottoms of the long cuts using these, with nails.
  4. Once you have a box shaped frame, drill holes that are the sizes of the circumference of the threaded rod, spaced by the widths of the kayaks, up the two outer (longer, height representing) two by fours. These will have the rods placed into them, which will hold the kayaks like a rack. Then, using the metal saw, cut two foot pieces of metal rod.
  5. Mix epoxy, and dab some on the end of each rod, and feed the rods into the holes. Let them dry. You should now have a rack frame with metal pegs that extend close to two feet, spaced by the widths of the kayaks which will be placed on them. Now all that you have to do is make the rack stand.
  6. Cut two, two foot long two by four pieces. Nail these to the bottom of the rack's corners, so that they extend forward, in the same direction as the metal rods. Now you have a standing kayak rack.

Learning how to make a kayak storage rack is not too hard, but it does require your understanding of tool use and craftsmanship. Once built, you have a great way to store your crafts.

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