How To Make A Kayak Trolley

Learning how to make a kayak trolley can expand the uses of your kayak. It’s much easier to move your kayak from point A to point B with a trolley. You also won’t run the risk of dragging it on the ground. A kayak trolley is a helpful tool to use in the process of loading and unloading your kayak from a kayak trailer. If you’re ready to build your own kayak trolley, than take a look at this list of items you’ll need to accomplish your task.

To build a kayak trolley, you’ll need the following items:

  • Kayak
  • Axle w/ tires
  • Straps
  • Metal pipes
  • Electric drill
  • Screws and washers
  1. Build your frame. The first part to building your kayak trolley is to begin by constructing the frame that your kayak will ride on. To do this, measure the width of your kayak in the place where your trolley will be place. Preferably, this location should be in the middle/near the back of your kayak. Take these measurements and make sure that your axle is slightly bigger to accommodate the width of your kayak. Next, take metal pipes and install them between the axle. These metal pipes will act as the supports and resting area for your kayak. You can use a drill with screws and washers to attach these pipes to your axle.
  2. Attach the fixings. After you’ve placed your metal support pipes on your axle, attach the tires to your axle. Next, take a durable padding and glue it to the top metal pipe that your kayak will be resting on. This will help to protect the top of your kayak trolley and also the finish on the bottom of your kayak.  
  3. Strap her in. To begin the final step of making your own kayak trolley, drill holes into each side of the metal frames that will be big enough to accommodate the hooks on your straps. Before placing your kayak on your trolley, attach the straps to one side of your kayak. With the help of a buddy, gently slide your kayak onto your trolley. Finally, run your straps from one side of your kayak trolley to the other. Tighten the straps until they adequately hold your kayak in place

An option to explore is welding the metal pipes to your axle. This will add durability to your kayak trolley and give it that sleek look. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t professional welders and don’t know any that give out charity work. Sometimes you can visit your local metal scrap yard and have your welding done for a cheap price. This is optional though, your trolley will be just fine with some handy screws and washers. Make sure that you adequately test your kayak trolley before testing it out on the water and enjoy!

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