How To Make A Kentucky Coffee Cocktail

Even if you’re not from Kentucky you can still easily learn how to make a Kentucky coffee cocktail. We wouldn’t recommend this as a breakfast drink or morning pick me up, but a Kentucky coffee cocktail certainly is an interesting alternative to the usual cup of Joe.


  • 1 oz of Wild Turkey Kentucky bourbon
  • ½  oz of Wild Turkey honey liqueur
  • 1 cup hot coffee
  • Whip cream

Now guys, we know that anything topped with whip cream will attract a lady’s attention. However, we recommend that you refrain from topping any of your, ahem, “appendages” with the whip cream until you have offered your lady friend two or three of these bad boys. Patience is a virtue my friends. That casual coffee date could easily turn into something much more intimate if you choose to serve Kentucky coffee cocktails in lieu of Starbuck’s. Now here is how you do it…

  1. Brew a pot of fresh coffee – We probably don’t need to tell you that a main ingredient in the Kentucky coffee cocktail is coffee. But just in case, we’ll throw that out there. Make a pot of fresh coffee.
  2. Blend the alcohol – In a large coffee cup or mug, measure and add bourbon and honey liqueur. Just pour it in there. Kentucky coffee cocktails require very little bartending skills. Measure the booze and dump it in the cup—simple.
  3. Add hot coffee – Now that you have a cup full of Kentucky, add some coffee. Fill the cup with coffee leaving about a half an inch of room before the rim. You’re almost done, but it ain’t a Kentucky coffee cocktail just yet. On to the finishing touch!
  4. Add whip cream – Now while you’re shaking up that whip cream can to the delight of your on-looking vixen, remember what we mentioned before. Put the whip cream on top of the drink—not yourself! Not yet anyway, let her drink a couple of these babies first.

If you have prepared your Kentucky cocktail correctly, she will indeed ask for a second cup, maybe even a third or fourth. There’s a good chance that you’ll both be whistling Dixie in the morning! Ah, the Kentucky coffee cocktail—proof that there’s great things that came from Kentucky besides fried chicken. The Colonel would be proud.

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