How To Make A Kickboxing Dummy

If you need to find out how to make a kickboxing dummy, you will first need to know how much space you have to practice on it. This will help you determine how big to make your kickboxing dummy. The dummy is fairly simple to make, you just need to spend some effort creating it so it will last you a long time.

To make a kickboxing dummy, you will need:

  • Cloth
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A hook and chain, if necessary
  • A bolt, nut and washer, if necessary
  • Tools for hanging the kickboxing dummy, if necessary
  1. Before you try to make a kickboxing dummy, find out how much it costs to buy one pre-made. It doesn’t hurt to check to see if you can find one that is already made that is on sale. The cost of the materials and the time and effort it takes to do the job right might make it more efficient to just buy a dummy from a store. Another reason to check is so you can try to copy the design yourself when you make your own kickboxing dummy.
  2. Decide if you want your kickboxing dummy to stand up or hang from the ceiling. If you decide not to buy one from a store, you need to determine whether to hang it from a ceiling or not. You will need hanging materials, such as a hook and chain, if you do have it hang. Having the dummy hang from a ceiling may not work for you, depending on the location where you intend to hang it. A garage will probably be fine, but if you want your dummy to be in a room in the house, you may not want to go cutting into your ceiling.
  3. Once you decide on the type of kickboxing dummy you want, buy the materials. If you are going to hang the dummy, buy a chain and a hook from a hardware store. Ask someone at the store about the best way to secure the chain in the ceiling, which may mean you need a bolt, washer and nut. You will also need to go to a fabric store to buy the material for the kickboxing dummy. Decide what you want the stuffing to be made of for the inside of the dummy, which could be cotton material or sand. You need a sewing machine to sew the dummy closed, so borrow one if you don’t already own one.
  4. Sew the kickboxing dummy closed after you stuff it. If you are using cotton or another soft material in the dummy, leave an opening at the top of the material so you can stuff it. The same applies if you are filling the dummy with sand. Once the dummy is full, sew the top closed.
  5. If you are hanging the kickboxing dummy, drill into the ceiling and secure the chain. Be sure that the bolt is long enough to reach through the ceiling. Go into the attic above the room where you are hanging the dummy and find a stud to use for the bolt. If you don’t, the dummy will fall since the ceiling is not strong enough to support the weight without the dummy being bolted into a stud. Secure the bolt with a washer and nut from inside the attic. Once you finish, hang the chain from the hook and attach the dummy to the chain.
  6. When you are done making the kickboxing dummy, try it out to see how it holds up. Punch and kick the bag to see if you like it. If the bag is too heavy, remove some of the stuffing. If it is too light, just add more filler to the inside. Once you have it the way you like, don’t abuse it or you may end up having to make repairs on an ongoing basis.
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