How To Make Kickboxing Shin Pads

Learning how to make kickboxing shin pads is relatively simple, and definitely something that someone with a little creativity can teach themselves.  Kickboxing shin pads can also easily be made by a parent, or with parental supervision, for or by a child.

Supplies for Making Kickboxing Shin Pads:

  • 2 pieces of foam, approx. 1/2" thick, to cover from just below the knee to the ankle and cover the shin
  • 2 pieces of tough fabric, such as canvas or denim, large enough to cover the foam plus have enough to overlap around edges
  • Fabric glue, professional quality
  • 1" thick elastic
  • Velcro, approximately 8"
  • Needle and Thread
  • Adult supervision, if a child

How to Make Kickboxing Shin Pads:

  1. Cut the foam, if necessary, so that each piece completely covers the shin of the individual they are for, from just below the knee to the ankle, and about halfway around the sides of the lower leg.
  2. Trim the fabric so that it covers the foam and can be wrapped around to cover the piece of foam completely, allowing about 1/2 to 3/4 inch excess on all sides for overlapping and securing.
  3. Apply fabric glue to the edges of the foam and press the edge of the fabric around on three sides.  The fourth side will match up with the center of the piece of fabric, press and secure.  Apply more fabric glue to the top of the secured fabric edge along the foam (on three sides, not the center) and press the fabric edge, overlapping, so now each piece of foam has a complete fabric cover.  Allow to dry according to the glue instructions.
  4. Position the kickboxing shin pad in place over the shin, and with assistance, measure two pieces of elastic for each shin pad.  One piece should run behind the calf at the widest part, and the other piece of elastic should run behind the lower calf, above the ankle.  You want about one inch excess on each side, for attaching the Velcro.
  5. Cut the Velcro and carefully stitch with needle and thread on each end of the elastic.  Be careful, and if a child, make certain an adult assists with this part.  Basically, the stitching should run along the edge of the Velcro, and take care not to stretch the elastic while stitching.
  6. Using fabric glue, attach the remaining Velcro (matching the sides accordingly) to the correct locations on the front of each kickboxing shin pad.  Allow the glue to dry before testing.  Once dry, the fabric glue should hold secure for light use.

These should suffice for practice and light sparring but should not be considered safe for actual, full-contact sparring or competitions.  It is recommended that additional fabric glue be carried along with the kickboxing shin pads in case practice gets too rough and the glue comes undone.

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