How To Make A Kid Soccer Team

A young soccer player who wants to move to the next level of competition may be interested in learning how to make a kid soccer team. In competitive youth soccer, unfortunately there are often not enough spots to go around on a team. Tryouts will determine if a child will make a kid soccer team or not. Being mentally and physically prepared for the tryouts will help the child to reduce some of their anxiety. When they are relaxed and not scared, they stand a better chance of making the team.

Things You May Need:

  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • Appropriate soccer attire


  1. Consider looking for a private soccer trainer to work with the child. This will cost a few bucks, but the trainer will get the child ready for tryouts. If a trainer is not available, the child will still need to work on their soccer skills to make a kid soccer team. Have them practice dribbling, passing and shooting so they are ready for the tryouts.
  3. Have the child do some cardio work so they are in shape. The players that make a kid soccer team are usually the ones who are in the best shape. Being fit can help a child to make a kid soccer team even if their soccer skills are weaker, since all coaches love players who constantly hustle all over the field. Have the child run sprints and also do some distance training, so they will be able to perform at a high level during tryouts.
  4. When it is time to tryout for a soccer team, make sure the child has the right equipment. Do not send a child to tryouts without the proper soccer cleats, shin pads and attire. Dress the child in bright colors, so they stand out from the rest of the kids. Give them a large water bottle to take with them, in case there are no drinks available at the tryouts.
  5. During tryouts tell the child to not hold back. Many kids try to hide among the crowd, instead of being aggressive and showing the coach what they are made of. Tell the child to play fair, but to be aggressive. Coaches will notice which players hustle and which ones are coasting, so make sure the child knows that they are being watched at all times during the tryouts. If they perform well, they should make a kid soccer team.

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