How To Make A Kilt

Need to know how to make a kilt? To be a true Irishman or Scotsman, you must make your own kilt. A true kilt is one that is completely handmade, preferably by the person who is going to wear it. Yes, it is true that a kilt is essentially a glorified skirt, but it is also the signature style of many Celtic peoples. Did you know that the expression “the whole nine yards” may have come from the fact that an average man’s kilt needed a nine yard long piece of tartan to complete?

To make a kilt, you will need:

  • A belt
  • Plaid tartan 60 inches wide by four and a half feet long
  • A brooch
  • Some sewing pins
  • Fashion measuring tape
  1. Starting out with the plaid tartan that you acquired, check to make sure the length and width is correct. Your plaid tartan should measure 60 inches wide by four and a half feet long. Keep in mind that this much tartan will cost you big time. High quality tartan runs around $55 for a 60 inch wide yard.
  2. Measure your waist to find out how wide the inside and outside aprons need to be. Take your waist measurement and divide it in half; this is how wide each apron needs to be. Mark however many inches that is from the right edge of the kilt material and mark it with a pin. Now go to the left side and repeat.
  3. The area of material between the two sewing pins will need to be pleated. To do this, take the material and start making folds, or pleats, in it. Most people use the plaid pattern to measure the folds, but you can use eight or nine inch folds for an average-sized man. The folds are usually proportional to the size and height of the person wearing the kilt.
  4. Once the pleats are finished, the kilt will need to be measured to determine where the belt will need to be placed. You will need to measure from your hip to the center of your knee. Place the belt under the tartan at the place you marked as your hip.
  5. Lay on the tartan in order to put it on. Fold the right side of the kilt over your front and then fold the left over, securing it with the belt. Now stand up and fold the kilt material on top over the belt. You now have successfully made your kilt. A brooch is traditionally kept at the right lower side of the apron to pin it together and weigh it down.


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