How To Make Kite Surfing Kites

Learning how to make surfing kites doesn't have to be such a daunting task. With a little patience and know how, you can have a high-flying kite surfing kite in an hour or less time. Remember that if it doesn't turn out just right the first time to try, try again!

Things you will need for a kite surfing kite:

  • String
  • Piece of Card Board or Poster Board
  • Fabric Design of Choice (5ft x 5ft piece)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Super Glue
  • Dowel Rods (2)
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Piece of Ribbon (5 foot long)
  1. Cut a dowlrod to measure out to 24 inches. Cut a second dowl rod to twelve inches. Measure with the tape measure to assure the measurements is precise. Cut a notch onto each end of the dowl rod. This will be about ¼ of an inch from the end.
  2. Lay the 24-inch dowl rod lengthwise. Lay the second rod on top width wise. This should form a cross-type shape. Using the string bind the two dowl rods together by forming an X shape with the string. Be sure to crisscross ten times to assure a good hold for the kite. Tie into a knot and cut string with scissors.
  3. Loop string around the top dowl and assure that it goes through the notch that was made. Work your way clockwise and do this with all four notches on the kite. When you get to the top loop around one last time, make a knot and cut off excess string.
  4. Measure out the exact frame dimensions. Cut cardboard or poster board so it will fit directly onto the frame with about one-inch of an over-hanging. Now is a great time to also measure out the fabric as well. You will want it the same size as the cardboard.
  5. Glue the fabric to the card board using fabric glue. Let dry for twenty minuets. Using the super glue, glue the back of the cardboard, or the side with no fabric directly to the dowl rods. Let this dry for fifteen minuets.
  6. Flip the kite over, and using the bottom crossbar tie approximately ten foot of string to the very bottom. Be sure to wrap around and knot. Tie off any excess string. Add the tail to the kite by using fabric glue. This is to adhere the five foot piece of ribbon to the very bottom of the kite.

Remember, it make take a few times practicing but you will eventually be able to know how to make a kite surfing kite in an hour or less time.

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