How To Make A Knot Blanket

If you are looking for a quick and easy craft project, then learn how to make a knot blanket. These blankets seem to be everywhere and are so easy to make that even a six-year-old can create one. A single layer blanket is a perfect weight for cuddling on the couch or using for a bed throw, while a double layer blanket will keep you warm during a fall football game or camping adventure.

To make the knot blanket, you will need:

  • Fleece fabric
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper
  • Seam ripper
  1. Purchase a 1-1/2 yard piece of 54 to 60 inch wide fleece for a lap sized knot blanket. Unfold the fleece and lay it on a flat surface. Trim off the selvage and straighten uneven edges to square the piece of fleece.
  2. Cut a 4 inch square out of each corner of the fleece and cut a 4-inch-by-1-inch fringe around the entire perimeter of the fabric. The cut corners will create an even rectangle knot blanket once the fringe is tied. Use a paper template to easily cut the squares and fringe.
  3. Make a vertical 1/2 inch slit at the top of each fringe section with a sharp seam ripper or sharp pointed tip scissors. Place the slit at least 1/2 inch above the fringe to prevent ripping from being too close to the edge.
  4. Feed the end of each fringe section through the backside of the slit at the top. Gently pull the fringe through the hole to create a loop knot that will finish the edge of the knot blanket. Repeat this process around the entire knot blanket to complete the blanket.

Create a double layer fleece knot blanket by laying the two fleece layers on top of each other on a flat surface with the right sides facing out. Follow steps one and two to cut the corners and make the fringe. Tie the two layers of fleece together by using one fringe from each layer to create a square knot. Tie knots around the entire blanket to finish the double layer knot blanket.

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