How To Make A Koala Mojito

Few drinks are as refreshing as a mojito and learning how to make a Koala Mojito is a great idea. It makes the perfect addition to any bartender or host's recipe book of cocktails. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a mojito is hard to master but once they learn how to make a Koala Mojito, they will see how simple it really is.  Minty and crisp, it is a one of a kind drink. Learn how to make a Koala Mojito and you are sure to be the hit of the next party.

To learn how to make a Koala Mojito, you will need:

  • A muddler
  • 1 oz. of eucalyptus syrup
  • 2 oz. of rum, preferably Mount Gay
  • 8-10 mint leaves
  • 1 oz of lime juice
  • 1 splash of soda, preferably Sprite
  1. Muddled up. To begin learning how to make a Koala Mojito, place your mint leaves in the glass, usually a Collins glass, and add your eucalyptus syrup. Begin to press the leaves with the muddler, grinding them with this baseball bat-like apparatus. Continue to muddle until the mint leaves are mashed well into the syrup.
  2. So juicy. The second step in learning how to make a Koala Mojito is to add your lime juice. Stir the lime juice well until it is combined with the mint and eucalyptus.
  3. Liquor is quicker. Add your rum to the mix. Again, stir it well so that the drink is uniform throughout.
  4. Add a splash. Top your Koala Mojito with a splash of Sprite or seltzer. This will give it a fizz and make it a bit more interesting.
  5. Dress it up. As a garnish, add a few mint leaves to the top of the drink. This will make it look more put together and professional.
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