How To Make Lace

Knowing how to make lace can save a lot of money and help you create beautiful heirloom pieces. There are many different kinds of lace. The fastest lace to make is bobbin lace. The stitches of bobbin lace can be reused in many ways to make more complicated laces and patterns.

Things you will need to make lace:

  • Bobbin lace pillow
  • Pins
  • 2 sets of 2 individual bobbins
  • Lace thread
  1. Take one piece of string and put one bobbin on one end and a second bobbin on the other end. To do this hold the bobbin and pull the end of the string through. Roll it up tight until there is only a couple of inches left. These last inches are wound tightly on the second bobbin. Keep winding (which means the first bobbin is giving part of its string to the second) until half the string is one each bobbin.
  2. Make a braid lace stitch. Using the bobbin pair place the middle of the string behind a pin. Create the braid by wrapping the left bobbin over the right bobbin.
  3. Make a half-stitch crossing. With two bobbin pairs – 4 bobbins. Place the center of each string behind two separate pins. Both sets of bobbin should cross the right over left one time. Place the center of the left bobbin and weave it back on to the right bobbin. Always take the first string underneath the second string.
  4. Make a full-stitch crossing. This lace stitch provides a solid appearance to the lace. Hold two sets of bobbins and place the center of the strings behind two pins. Cross the right bobbin over the left one time. Repeat for the second bobbin set. Weave the two center bobbins. Of the two center bobbins, the one on the left should be taken over the string on the immediate right and under the outer string on the right. The other bobbin will go under the string to the immediate left and over the outer string to the left.

These bobbin laces can be incorporated into your favorites sewing patterns.



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