How To Make A Lampshade

Learn how to make a lampshade to give your home's interior a custom look. Lampshades are an easy do-it-yourself project. They allow you to get creative with designer fabrics, bold colors and looks that match the interior of your home.

To make a lampshade, you will need:

  • A cone-shaped lampshade
  • Fabric
  • Cotton tape
  • A sewing machine
  • A needle and thread
  1. Acquire a basic lampshade. Start with a simple lampshade in a cone shape. This is a common shape for lampshades, and you can find them almost anywhere. You can buy a lampshade specifically for this project or use a lampshade you already have at home.
  2. Choose a fabric for your new lampshade. Select a design, pattern or color that matches your home’s interior. Feel free to be creative in your fabric choice.
  3. Purchase cotton tape. It is best to purchase cotton tape by the yard. Cotton tape comes in a variety of colors. Select a color that will not clash with the fabric you will use for your lampshade.
  4. Lampshade frames have metal bars called struts. Wrap each strut on your lampshade with cotton tape. Wrap the ring on top of the frame, as well. Be sure to wrap the cotton tape tightly around the frame. When you sew the fabric to the cotton tape, you want a snug fit.
  5. Measure the distance around the widest part of the lampshade. Cut your fabric two inches wider. Use a sewing machine to baste stitch the top and bottom ends of the fabric. With the fabric piece right-side in, sew a one-inch hem at the end.
  6. Assemble your lamp shade. Turn the fabric right-side out and place the cover over the lampshade. Gently pull the basting stitches so they gather tightly around the top and bottom of the shade. Hand-sew the fabric to the cotton tape along the top and bottom of the shade.
  7. Give your lampshade a finished look by hand-sewing cotton tape around the edges. Use a tape color similar to your chosen fabric, or use a contrasting color. Admire your new custom lampshade!
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