How To Make Large Cat Carriers

Knowing how to make large cat carriers may make you invaluable to friends who have big kitties. Although it's always preferable, for the cat's comfort and safety, to purchase a large cat carrier, if needed you can easily create one from common household items in a pinch.

To make a large cat carrier, you will need:

  • Two large, identical plastic laundry baskets
  • The smallest bungee cords you can find
  • Cat bedding
  • A favorite cat toy to help calm your kitty down
  1. Gather the necessary materials. If you can find laundry baskets which have smaller holes in the sides instead of the woven type, you've got a better chance of dodging angry, large cat claws. Local hardware stores should have small bungee cords sold twelve to a canister. If possible, use a real cat bed for comfort, but you can add just two large beach towels if you're not transporting the large cat far.
  2. Place one of the large plastic laundry baskets on the floor. Since the cat carrier will be fairly large, it's easiest to work with creating the carrier on the floor. Add in the cat bedding and the favorite cat toy or some treats. Chances are pretty good that the large cat is not going to be pleased too much with being contained in the cat carrier, so don't be offended if he doesn't touch the toy or food. The best you can hope for is that he doesn't claw you through the holes in the laundry basket.
  3. Place the second laundry basket upside down, top to top, with the first basket. Using the bungee cords, bungee three sides down, very securely. Run the bungee cords through the holes in one basket and the through to the other basket for the most security. You'll probably have to wrap the bungee cords around the holes a few times to get them tight enough. Using two cords on each side is a good idea in case one gives way. Make sure to leave enough give so that you can open the one free side and put the cat inside the large carrier.
  4. Open the free side and place the cat inside. This is when good friends come in to help as it will be much easier to put an angry cat in this cat carrier if one of you holds the side open and the other puts kitty in. Working swiftly, and dodging claws, bungee the final side closed.

This large cat carrier is not the optimum situation for transporting or containing a large, angry kitty. You're way better off purchasing a cat carrier when you bring the cat home. The things never wear out. If you can't afford a large cat carrier (which can be expensive), check with friends to see if you can borrow one. Remember, an angry cat will reach through whatever holes are available and grab whatever is available, generally your skin. When you pick up this large cat carrier, try to keep it far away from your body and wear a long-sleeved shirt, just in case.

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