How To Make LCD Digital Photo Frames

If you want to have a digital photo frame that constantly update’s itself and is customizable, then you need to know how to make LCD digital photo frames. An LCD digital photo frame can cost hundreds of dollars, and they are incredibly tiny to look at. However, you can make LCD digital photo frames with as little as the cost of buying a photo frame. While the mass produced digital photo frames should be sufficient for most people, if you are tired of looking at the same pictures over and over again, then you need to make your own LCD digital photo frames.

To make LCD digital photo frames, you will need:

  • Internet
  • An old laptop computer (Windows 2000 or above)
  • A wooden frame that will fit your LCD panel
  • Flickr account
  • Slickr software
  • Download Slickr software onto your old computer. You can find Slickr easily online by doing a simple search on Google. Slickr is the software that allows you to make LCD digital photo frames. Slickr is a software that allow you to auto update your images on your Flickr account to your screen saver. It is easy to use and it is free. Once you have it downloaded, installed it onto your old laptop.


  1. Pop the LCD panel out of the computer. While this may sounds hard, it is actually very easy. The LCD panel is usually loosely connected to the plastic shells. The older computers usually use screws and new computers typically use clips to hold them together. If you ever have doubt, please consult with your manufacturer's manual before proceeding.
  2. Be careful with wire that connects the LCD screen to the computer. Those wires are very thin, and you want to make sure that you do not rip them out of the motherboard.
  3. Once you have the screen out, put it into the appropriate photo frame. Stores such as Michael's and AC Moore sell plenty of readymade photo frames, and they are cheap. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the stores by use their 40 to 50 percent off coupon.
  4. Mount the LCD panel to the photo frame. This part is very easy. All you need to do is to have either clips or tape to secure the LCD panel to the photo frame.
  5. Turn on the laptop, and open Slickr. Make sure that your computer has internet access. Log in your Flickr account on Slickr. 

Here it is, your home made LCD digital photo frames.

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