How To Make A Leather Cuff Bracelet

Do you want to learn about how to make a leather cuff bracelet? Leather is really stylish for both guys and girls, and they also make great jewelry. It's basically gender neutral depending on how you wear it and how your piece is designed. Here are some tips on making a leather cuff.

Some materials you need to make a leather cuff:

  • Leather
  • Inscribing tools
  • Snaps and snap machine
  1. To make a leather cuff, you need to have some basic supplies. To snap your leather cuff, you need snaps. And, you need a way to securely fasten the snaps to your leather cuff. So, consider borrowing a snap machine from someone you know or buy one. If you like this kind of jewelry and/or know someone else who also does, the small investment will be a smart one.
  2. Buy leather straps from the craft store. Otherwise, if you completely make your leather cuff from scratch, you'll need to find where leather is sold (a fabric or craft store), determine the size you want and carefully cut with a razor.
  3. Get inscribing tools if you want to. This is optional. Using inscribing tools helps you to make a precise design on your cuff if you decide to personalize it more.
  4. You do need a snap machine. To make your cuff fasten around your wrist, you need a way to fasten it. Using snaps will make your leather cuff bracelet look rugged, masculine and stylish. Make sure you wrap the leather cuff around your wrist to make sure it fits to your liking. Allow about half an inch from the end to where you apply the snap on both ends.
  5. What you do from there is up to you. Add stones, silver, metal pieces or any other accessory that fits your taste.
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