How To Make A Leather Wallet

If you want to make an excellent Father's Day gift for dad, learn how to make a leather wallet for him! It also makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. Why not make one for yourself while you are at it? Once you get the hang of it, making a leather wallet is fun and easy.

In order to make a leather wallet, you will need:

  • Leather wallet kit (you can find these at any craft store or shop online)
  • Leather plate stamp
  • Mallet
  • Water
  • Leather sealer
  • Scissors
  1. Purchase a leather wallet kit. A wallet kit is essential to making your own wallet. Inside the kit you will find a pre-punched leather back, pre-assembled leather interior, waxed thread, needle, and pattern.
  2. Prepare the wallet. You are going to use the stamp to give your wallet a personalized touch. Wet leather is ideal for this type of stamping. You are going to have to soak the leather. Allow the leather to air dry until it is cool to the touch. If you want a delicate impression with a stamp, use a lighter mallet. For something deeper, use a heavier mallet.
  3. Place the stamp on the leather. Make sure it is positioned exactly where you want it. Use the skin side of the leather. You may want to make marks so you know where to place it. Pound it using your mallet. Be steady. Don't allow the stamp to slip. You can do this on the inside and also on the wallet cover.
  4. Once the leather is stamped, apply a sealant. This will provide a protective barrier against moisture and spills.
  5. Assemble the wallet. Since you will be using a kit, the holes are already made for you. You can thread your waxed thread or lace through the needle and begin sewing the wallet together. Once you get to the end, tie it into a thick knot and cut off excess thread neatly.

Leather stamps can be pricey. If you don't want to invest in a stamp, you can select a leather wallet kit that comes already stamped. There are a variety of design options. You can even skip the stamping completely if you prefer.

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