How To Make A Lego Halo Banshee

Learning how to make a Lego Halo Banshee is a great way to get your hands on your very own vehicles of legend and kick butt, even if it is only is the butt of other Lego creations. 

  1. Get your Legos out and get to sorting. The odds of finding an all purple set in a standard box are pretty much zero. Either choose another color or head to the local toy store and get a set with purples in it. Most of the Halo based Banshee models are done in purple but you may use any color that you can find enough Lego pieces to make the Halo Banshee out of.
  2. Start with a base square for vehicles. These are the ones that are six nibs wide. Add a four by four panel at one end for the tale fin, in the center and cap it off with a straight four across piece. If you can find a piece with the hinge attached instead then use it. 
  3. Grab the standard vehicle Lego top that you get with any motorbike or flying vehicle kit. This will make finding assembly of your Halo Banshee much simpler. Assemble it as per the box instructions and attach it to the opposite end of the base square. If the light kit was not attached to the front of the kit you will have to attach it on each side of the top of the kit before you put the kit onto the base.
  4. Use a two wide by nine long flat Lego panel on each side to make the base of your wings. Put a standard six peg piece on the bottom of that wing horizontally. Use a one wide version of the panel to complete the triangle shape. Clip these onto the front sides of the base then attach wing light kits to the bottom of each set of six.
  5. Fill in the remaining parts of the back with standard blocks. If you can find the decorative pieces used for the space vehicles then use these as you see fit to finish up your Halo Banshee.
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