How To Make A Lego Halo Gun

Learning how to make a Lego Halo gun can really put you into the virtual world of Halo. Halo 3 is a popular video game that gives you a virtual feel of shooting out villains in battle. Part of the fun includes the firearms during combat. You can build replicas of these iconic virtual guns using traditional Lego building blocks. Lego blocks include numerous pieces of blocks that, with time and skill, can be used to construct almost anything, including a Halo assault rifle.

1. Pick up one small black Lego piece – resembling a megaphone – and one black flat two-pronged rectangle. Attach the flat two-pronged rectangle to the back of the small Lego piece to make a Lego Halo gun base. Check that the megaphone-like piece is placed into a horizontal position, and that the black two-pronged rectangle is positioned to rest vertically while remaining securely attached to the bottom prong.

2. Connect one of the black cylinders the flat black rectangle’s cylinder. Check whether the megaphone-like piece rests horizontally and that the cylinder-like piece is directly above it. Ensure that both are attached to the flat black triangle from their backs to make a proper Lego Halo gun.

3. Attach a flat blue circle piece to the top of the black cylinder – from step 2. Each piece must be attached correctly to make a Lego Halo gun that looks similar to the real thing.

4. Affix the black triangular cylinder Lego piece to the top prong of the black flat rectangle you fixed in step 1. Check that the point of the triangular cylinder faces out to make a Lego Halo gun barrel.

5. Connect a black cylinder Lego piece to the bottom prong of the black flat triangle. This is the top prong you used in Step 4 of learning how to make a Lego Halo gun. Affix the clear flat circle the black cylinder’s top to finish your project. You have now learned how to make a Lego Halo gun.



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