How To Make Lego Halo Guns

You can make LEGO Halo guns at home with a few small LEGO building blocks. This article focuses on how to make the rocket launcher featured in the game of Halo. The rocket launcher is one of the most popular guns in the Microsoft Xbox 360 Halo games. It debuted in the very first Halo game, and has continued to be included in all of the other games.

Things you will need:

  • One flat round LEGO with one dot (black)
  • One flat rectangular LEGO with a hole in the middle (black)
  • One flat square LEGO with one dot (black)
  • Three flat rectangular LEGOs with two dots (black)
  • Two circular shaped LEGOs with four dots (black)
  • One flat rectangular LEGO with a hole in the middle (gray)
  • Four cylinder shaped LEGOs (gray)
  • Two flat circular shaped LEGOs with one dot (gray)
  • One circular LEGO with four dots (gray)
  • Two gray square shaped LEGOs with one dot and a hole in the middle (gray)
  1. Affix the flat, round, black LEGO in between two larger four dotted black circles. Place the black, flat, rectangular-shaped LEGO with a hole in the middle to the black circular piece. Next, snap two gray, cylinder shaped pieces to the bottom of the rectangle.
  2. The next step is to affix a flat, square, black piece with one dot onto the right cylinder. On the left cylinder you need to snap on a flat, rectangular-shaped, black piece with two dots. One of the dots will be slightly protruding because it will not fit on the cylinder.
  3. Attach two one-dotted, gray squares to the rectangle that has the cylinders on them. These squares need to be parallel to the cylinders. Affix a black, flat, rectangular shaped LEGO with two dots onto the squares. Attach a gray, flat, circular-shaped piece with four dots to the bottom of the squares.
  4. Now you will need to place a flat, two-dotted, black, rectangular-shaped piece onto the gray circle mentioned above. Then, affix another flat rectangle just like it to the bottom of the first one. Now, put a round, gray piece with one dot on each side of the rectangle. Then, put a gray cylinder piece on the end of each of the circles.

Making Halo guns out of LEGOs is a fun way to bring the game to life. When you create one, you will have an item you can collect as a reminder of the game for years to come. Many people use the Halo guns as props in online animation videos they create.

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