How To Make Leprechaun Halloween Costumes

So, you want to know how to make leprechaun Halloween costumes? You're in luck, we've got some ideas to help you out right here. Since there are several different interpretations of what a leprechaun looks like, that means there can be quite a few ways to construct the corresponding Halloween costumes. There is much creative freedom to be had when crafting these costumes, so by all means don’t feel restricted to what’s illustrated in this article. Keep reading to learn how to make your very own leprechaun costumes.

  1. The obvious. If you’re going for the jolly stereotypical Irish look, you need to wear green, and a lot of it. After all, you never see any orange leprechaun costumes, do you? You can get away with wearing different shades of green too—heck, it might even look better when it’s not all the same exact color.
  2. Head gear. You’ll need a hat, and these come in a whole bunch of diverse styles. Your best bet, to avoid overpaying for a cheap piece of junk in October, is to buy one from just about any store around St. Patrick’s Day. Get one of the really tall top hats; try not to go for the crappy plastic ones unless you’re really on a tight budget. There are better-quality hats for Halloween costumes available even online—you can get a perfectly good leprechaun floppy top hat off eBay for less than five bucks.
  3. Suit. If you don’t like wearing a suit, you might want to do some more customizing to…uhh…suit your tastes, we guess. Otherwise, you’ll need a green blazer and green pants, and you can get these from the thrift store. However, you might need to cave and buy a women’s green blazer since the men’s suits you’re apt to find at a second-hand store will only be in black, blue, or grey. If you can’t find these green articles of cheery attire at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, you may have to bite the bullet and buy these online too. It doesn’t even have to be a blazer—maybe just a vest.
  4. Under the suit. Unless you don’t want to bother with putting a layer underneath your suit, you’ll need to dig up a shirt to wear. This shirt should be white, minty green, gold, or a shade of green noticeably darker or lighter than any coat you’ve got on. If you want to wear a tie, have it be black, gold, or green. Maybe you want to even go as a sexy leprechaun—wear an open green vest with little shamrock stickers over your nipples. And wear shiny black vinyl pants with it too. 
  5. Shoes. Typical footwear for leprechaun costumes is something clunky, but if you can’t find black platforms/clogs for men, just wear some black dress shoes. Nobody’s going to pay much attention to your feet anyway.

That’s really all there is to it. Try mixing and matching stuff, or tweak your costumes to be a leprechaun with a theme: gangster, raver, goth, emo, psycho, and so forth. You and your Halloween costumes are limited only by your own creativity—so if you can count your IQ points on your hands, you might want to have someone help you if you’re feeling the sting of artist’s block.

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