How To Make A Living Playing Craps

Learning how to make a living playing craps is something that many craps lovers are interested in.  For some it may seem like an impossible dream but  there are many professional crap players out there. Playing craps professionally requires certain skills and characteristics. This article will explain a few important key factors in how to make a living playing craps.

  1. Determine if you have what it takes mentally. Making a living from playing craps requires a great deal of discipline, money management skills and patience. If the game is an addiction to you then you probably would not be able to successfully make a living from it.  
  2. Have casino access. In order to make a living playing craps, you need to live near or have close access to a casino that offers craps. If not, you will need to travel regularly.
  3. Know the game. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the game. Create and test out different betting strategies that give you the best results. 
  4. Know how much money you want to make & spend. It is very important to stick with your betting strategy. Know exactly how much money you need to make per day before entering the casino and have the discipline to walk away. If you want to make a living playing craps, you can't let your greed sway you from your set goals. If you lose your daily spending limit then leave the casino.
  5. Treat the game like a business. Playing craps for a living means that the game must be treated like a business. It is no longer a hobby but your means of income. Before you begin this business you will need to have sufficient funds, a business plan with specific objectives, set goals and ways to reach those goals. Because this is your business, you will need to show up at the craps table with a clear head and focused. Avoid drinking or doing drugs before or during your craps games. You need to be as mentally alert as possible.
  6. Be polite.  Always be polite and courteous to the staff at your casino. Treat the dealers with respect and be sure to tip them as well. This will work out to your benefit in the long run, as dealers will often look out for you.
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