How To Make A Lizard Cage

If you are a reptile owner, you can easily learn how to make a lizard cage at home with minimal expense. Choosing to make a lizard cage is both cost effective and simple enough to complete. A lizard cage will provide your reptiles with a warm and safe enclosure for them to enjoy as they continue to grow.

To make a lizard cage you will need the following materials:

  • Five half-inch thick pieces of acrylic plastic
  • Drop cloth
  • Acrylic glue
  1. To begin making a lizard cage, find a suitable work area large enough to spread the drop cloth. This work area needs to be near a wall, which you will use to support the acrylic plastic as you glue it.
  2. To make a lizard cage, you will need to decide on the measurements for the cage. For the sake of concise instructions, we will use measurements for a three-by-three cage. All of the acrylic pieces should meet these measurements.
  3. To begin making the lizard cage, place one piece of the acrylic material on top of the drop cloth. This will act as the floor for the lizard cage. To make the lizard cage, slide the bottom piece of the cage firmly against the wall and apply a thick line of acrylic glue along the edge closest to the wall. Place the first side to the cage on the glue line so it is vertical to the wall. The wall will assist with keeping all walls of the cage straight. Hold the two pieces together until the glue has dried. This can take several minutes. Repeat this process for all the sides of the lizard cage, making sure all edges and corners are flush with one another.

Making this 3D lizard cage is very simple and can be accomplished in one afternoon. You can leave the top of the box open or create a removable lid out of another piece of acrylic. Just make sure you do not glue the piece on and the top portion has holes drilled in for ventilation.

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