How To Make Log Furniture

Learning how to make log furniture takes a lot of time and persistence. Log furniture is purposely made from wood that has not been smoothed, and exhibits its natural, rustic feel even after it is complete. Chairs, tables, beds, and benches made of logs are great for certain types of homes, such as those on ranches, or cabins. Following is some advice on how to make log furniture.

How to Make Log Furniture: Materials

  • Treated logs, with bark
  • Drawknife
  • Hardwood (for tables)
  • Hammer
  • Galvanized nails
  • Saw, such as table saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Clear Varnish

How to Make Log Furniture

  1. First, decide upon what kind of furniture you will be making. For chairs, shorter logs are all that is needed. For tables, benches and beds, some longer logs will be required.
  2. Purchase all of the materials that you will need. A lumberyard may have the wood, and a construction or home improvement store will have the rest of the supplies that you will need to build log furniture.
  3. Next, decide upon the dimensions of your furniture. Cut logs to the lengths of the sides, widths, and heights, and cut pieces for legs.
  4. Use the drawknife to remove the bark from the logs. You do not have to be too thorough: traces of the tree's original form, such as knobs and bumps actually make this type of furniture more appealing, so do not worry about making the logs perfectly smooth.
  5. Next, construct the furniture. Build the frame for a bed first, and the sitting frame (rectangular or square area) for benches and chairs, and the rectangular or square table top for tables. Then, nail the supporting legs (four of them) to the larger frame.
  6. If building benches or chairs, make a back for them, using three new logs, two cut to the height of the back, and one to the width, as the frame. Then, cut studs and fill in the sitting and back frames so that one may sit and lean against the back.
  7. If building a table, cut hardwood pieces to the width, and fill in the table top by nailing these to the frame. For a bet, make posts as you like, and add at least three internal studs, from logs, nailed inside of the frame, which will support a box spring or mattress.
  8. Once made, sand your furniture down well. Then, apply a nice, clear varnish, which allows you to see the original color of the wood, and use your homemade log furniture!

Learning how to make log furniture at home requires certain materials, and your ability to use tools to build things. Be careful when constructing such furniture, as the more time you put into it, the prettier the final result will be, making your home's interior that much nicer.

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