How To Make A Lot Of Money Fast

A lot of people ask this question, so how to make a lot of money fast seems like an "impossibility" to some people. Quick money is often associated with trickery, scam artists, or even illegal activities. Hell, we can do without all of that and actually make a lot of money fast by sticking to legal, scam-free ideas. Again, don't think that you will be able to do these jobs forever; they are ways to make money fast for just that reason: the time you can do them is finite.

  1. Consider donating plasma. There are two benefits to this: one, you obviously get paid, and two, you are saving a life. Technically, the law prohibits you from "selling" you blood plasma, but you are permitted to be "compensated" for your time and donation. Essentially, you are selling parts of your blood. Average pay is anywhere from $20 to $30 depending on the supply, your location, and other factors (such as demand).
  2. Sell things! The all-time, best broke man strategy out there. Since the beginning of history, people in desperate need of cash or goods have pawned their valuables for spare moolah. Perhaps you can participate in this age-old tradition by selling your things to the highest bidder, winning you some potentially useful "green" in the process. Parting with some beloved items might seem hard, but then again no one said it's easy to make a lot of money fast. eBay and Craig's List are amazing for these purposes.
  3. Work a quick online gig. If one wants to make money fast, look no further than the Internet. As it turns out, it's for more than just naked lesbians., for example, pays its "scouts" to listen to new, up-and-coming artists. Amazon's Mechanical Turk, powered by the same web site that ships you those cool books, pays its "turkers" to do odd jobs around the Internet. The pay isn't amazing, but these are quick jobs that pay fast. Those who want to make money fast sometimes have to work odd jobs.
  4. Sperm, away! That's right, Sperm banks pay big money to well-qualified candidates. If having kids around the world you don't even know about doesn't scare you then feel free to let a "load" go straight to the bank, if you know what I mean. This is possibly the best way to make a lot of money fast, and might even be someone's dream job.
  5. Coupons and saving. Let's be real here, for a second. If you really want to make money fast (which we are sure you do), there is no better way than to cut down on your own spending. It's simple math, really: + income – expenses = your cash. The more you cut down on your own spending, the more "extra" money that happens to appear in your wallet. We can all make money fast, but it's more important to make a lot of money smart.
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