How To Make Love All The Time

Lovemaking is simply not straight sex so it's important to know how to make love all the time. It is an art, something to be enjoyed between a man and woman. Making love all the time takes some effort but it is possible. With the following tips, you can learn how to make love all the time. 

  1. Be romantic; dinners, nights out or in are just some examples of wooing your woman. Show her a good time, show her you care and are genuinely interested in her. 
  2. Use toys. Some men may be put off by toys but women love them. Dildos and vibrators give you a break while turning her on. They add flare to the bedroom, and she will be grateful for your exploration. Look into other toys also and see what she would be into. Some couples do BDSM and role playing and they enjoy it immensely. 
  3. Take a break and don't over due it. If you have already made love once, take a break for an hour or so. Have a meal, watch television and relax yourself. Explore lovemaking again after some time has passed. Remember, just because you don't ejaculate doesn't mean the experience cannot be enjoyable. 
  4. Be open and honest. You will not know if you like something until you try it. Be open with your partner and see what she enjoys and what you enjoy. Lovemaking does not have to be straight sex. Be imaginative and you will discover how much fun there is to be had. 
  5. Showers and baths together are great for getting in the mood. How could it not? You're both naked, sudsy, wet messes. Enjoy a bath with your woman or a nice hot shower. You will surprised what transpires afterward. 
  6. Foreplay goes a long way. Going for straight sex never really works. Teasing, tickling and caressing can really put your lady in the mood. You can also try oral sex, fingering and other things. 
  7. Try different positions. No one likes to lie there, so try different positions throughout the night. There is a long list of different positions to use and try. 

Lovemaking is enjoyable and the key to a wonderful relationship. With these tips, you should have no problem making love all the time. 

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