How To Make Love To A Girl

All men really want to know how to make love to a girl. Girls have different preferences in love-making but basically have the same requirements in certain areas. If your goal is to continue a relationship with the girl, then you must learn her likes and dislikes in lovemaking. Even if this is not your goal, making love to a girl will be damaging to your reputation if you cannot please her. Step by step, making love to a girl is not all that difficult.

  1. Girls love communication. Sweet talk is a must. Most girls really appreciate being told that they are beautiful. Giving compliments and making a connection, is very important steps before love-making.
  2. Do not forget ample foreplay. This cannot be stressed enough, foreplay is one of the most important aspects of sex. She will remember all the light caresses and soothing oral love. Not only is foreplay considered oral sex but it can also be kissing and nibbling on the neck and shoulders. Women also love it when the whole body is stroked gently making them feel appreciated.
  3. Make eye contact. Making eye contact is sometimes very important. You need to make sure that your partner feels attractive and wanted. Also, making eye contact really adds intensity to the love-making. Be careful, on the other hand, not to make too much eye contact. This could seem rehearsed and probably a little creepy. Just remember, the occasional glance into each others eyes is very sexy and girls love it.
  4. Call her name occasionally during intercourse. Make your partner feel special by acknowledging her presence in a non-sexual manner. Intimacy is very important to a girl. She needs to feel that 'she' is exciting to you, 'she' is the reason for our arousal and 'she' is wanted.
  5. Make love to her. Making love to a girl is just that. Don't lose yourself completely in intercourse, leaving all other niceties behind. Try to keep contact by kissing,stroking or whispering into her ear while making love. This will drive her wild.
  6. Do not roll over and go to sleep. After sexual intercourse, spend some time talking and laughing together. Even if you are not in a relationship with this person, it is always nice to enjoy the after glow of love making.

Making love to a girl does not have to be difficult at all. Simple respect and gentleness are all you need to be successful and enjoy your time with your partner.

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