How To Make Love Last

You can learn how to make love last by treating the other person as a valuable asset to your life. Being married or staying together for a long time does not necessarily mean that love has lasted. Some married couples hate each other and stay together for children, convenience, or fear of being alone. You don’t have to live like that. Making love last requires a commitment from both people to not only be faithful, but to also commit to making the other person happy. It’s really sad when you see couples that really don’t seem to like each other. Just because they haven’t divorced or separated, doesn’t mean they are happy and in love. Everyone deep down wants to stay together and continue to be in love. Things change and couples may grow apart or continue to resent each other for things that happened in the past. These resentments can really damage a relationship and in order to move forward things really have to change. It can be hard to let go of past hurts and look toward the future. It can also be hard to continue feeling love for another person when time has made you grow apart. However, you can make love last and continue to grow and love each other as a couple if you follow these guidelines.

  1. Take an inventory of where your relationship is now. Are you happy? Is your partner happy? What could be better in your relationship?
  2. Really evaluate what needs to change. Do not look to your partner to change first. In order to make love last, you need to take responsibility for your own actions. If you want love to last, you need to figure out where you need to change and start changing. 
  3. Be a good listener. Lots of men don’t listen. Whenever a woman has an issue, men usually dish out advice instead of really listening. Women usually don’t want someone to fix it for them, they just want an open ear to hear what they are saying and empathize with the issues they are having. 
  4. Show appreciation. Most women try very hard to make their men happy. Sometimes they will give up when they don’t feel appreciated enough. If your woman cooks you a nice meal, thank her and tell her how delicious it is. Encourage her to continue doing nice things for you by showing that you sincerely appreciate the effort. Offer to help with clean up. Don’t just offer, actually do it. Take your own plate to the sink.
  5. Help around the house. Research indicates that men who help around the house have better sex lives. Women find this very appealing. Men who help around the house consistently have better relationships because women feel like they are with a team player. 
  6. Surprise her. Women love surprises. This shows your woman that you have gone the extra mile to make her happy. Putting thought into something you have to plan out, goes a long way with women.
  7. Communicate openly. This is very important. Women want to feel like they are important in your life. Your partner should be the first person you share things with, even if it seems insignificant to you. 
  8. Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead. Open doors, carry heavy things, pull out chairs at restaurants. All of these things are so easy to do and go a long way.



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