How To Make Love To A Lesbian

It's not hard to learn how to make love to a lesbian. Women are beautiful together in intimacy, and for those who wish to learn how to make love to them, it is simple. Read on for some love-making tips that you can share with your lesbian partner.

  1. Appreciate your partner. Lesbians want to be respected above all things. When she is respected, the passion can flow freely. She will feel more willing to express herself with her body, giving more pleasure to herself and to you as well.
  2. Be aggressive. Yes, it is quite alright to be a little aggressive with a lesbian if, in fact, you are a woman. This does not apply to men in any way, men should never be aggressive with a lesbian. When women are aggressive to other women, it is seen as playful and frisky, and not so much threatening.
  3. Pay attention to details. When making love to a lesbian, oral stimulation is one of the best methods of foreplay. Not only stimulation of the womanhood, but the breasts as well. Lesbians love to have their breasts fondled and caressed. The feel of your hair falling over them is also an extra stimulant, making sex very exciting.
  4. And this is where lesbian sex may differ from other ways of love-making—the climax. Not all lesbians enjoy sex toys. Some lesbians prefer to limit their arousal to clitoral stimulation. Whether it is oral or with the hand, this is the best method to help a lesbian reach her climax.
  5. What you do after sex is very important. Lesbians are more prone to spend time cuddling after sex. Enjoy this experience together by laughing and talking. Have a snack and play around. More than likely, more than one session will occur.

Learning to make love to a lesbian is not hard at all. It simply takes a knowledge of what your individual partner likes. Talk to your partner and learn what leads her to ecstasy.

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